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Friday, 12 March 2010

My new net connection was finally hooked up this week, so I managed to get some decent time online with a stable connection, rather than a friend's less-than-reliable WiFi. I felt that missions were a bit of a risk with all the lag and disconnects that came with that connection, so I spent most of my time mining instead. However, that's all changed now that I'm up and running properly again.

I decided to celebrate by doing my first level 4 mission in about a month. So out came Carmelius and Marek, the mission-running duo. Carmelius in his Dominix and Marek supporting in a Hurricane. I was a little rusty on the combat side of things (I know they're only NPCs but hey, I'm slow) but it didn't take me too long to get back into some sort of rhythm. Carmelius warps in, grabs the aggro and then sets the drones to work. Marek joins him shortly afterwards and sets his own drones to work, whilst tearing everything else apart with his autocannons. Once they're done, they both jump into their dedicated salvage Destroyers and salvage and loot quick-time before the ninjas arrive.

I managed to work my way through the series of 'In the midst of deadspace' on Wednesday, and whilst there were no bounties available (I was shooting Caldari and Amarr ships), the loot and salvage added up to a nice pile of ISK. The only problem is now decided what I'm actually going to use the ISK for!

And therein lies my current problem. Which direction to take in the game? I can run level 4 missions without any trouble now (unless I get complacent) so that's a good money-maker, but what's the use in being able to make cash if you have no reason to spend it? I think I need more of a focus, maybe:

  • Manufacturing?
  • Wormhole living?
  • Trading?
  • PvP?
Not quite sure which path to take yet. I guess I'll meander around for a little while longer until I decide!


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