In the beginning...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

After becoming severely addicted to many of the fantastic EVE Online blogs out there, I figured it might be a good idea to start my own. Just reading about other players' experiences in the game adds huge value to EVE for me, so hopefully one day people might read of my own humble adventures and gain some sort of enjoyment.

So, a little about me then. I've been playing EVE on and off for about two years, but that really only equates to a few months of active play time, what with starting, quitting, real life issues, starting again, internet issues, quitting.. I'm sure you know the drill. So here I am again, consciousness transferred into two (occasionally three) separate pods:

Maurice McPhee - a miner and industrialist hovering around 8m SP at this point in time. Rarely out of an industrial ship unless he's grinding level one missions looking for the elusive 'Break Their Will'...

Carmelius Hove - a mission runner, currently doing his best to tear apart Serpentis ships in his work for the Gallente Federation.

Marek Ebon - the very definition of a support character. Generally helps out the above two with whatever they might need, whether it's mining support for Maurice or some extra fire power if Carmelius gets into a sticky situation.

I'll be focusing mainly on these characters, and the game in general, for this blog, whilst at the same time trying to figure out what path I'd like to tread in New Eden.

For now, fly safe!


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