Mini mining op

Saturday, 6 March 2010

So with Marek’s mining barge skills advanced enough for him to hop into a Retriever, I decided it was time he joined Maurice on a mini mining op. I’m not sure two miners can really justify the title of an op, but it’s about the most I have at my disposal right now.

I got a little paranoid about my extensive jet-canning after reading Mick Flaherty’s ‘How old is old enough to know?’ post over at Life in the Hole, and decided that Carmelius could take a break from studying Drone Interfacing V and hop in his Iteron III to come and help too. It’s a quiet system, but with two miners I stood to lose a lot more to a pirate than I did with one.

So we got to chewing through some rocks. Marek’s mining ability isn’t great, and it made me think back to the early days of Maurice’s mining attempts. Thankfully Maurice can bring in a lot more ore, so we were able to get through our little section of the asteroid belt in just over an hour. We even had a fleeting appearance from my corpmate mining in his Exqueror before he moves onto a barge in the next few days. Didn’t spot another capsuleer for the entire night, so the cans would have been safe. But I guess it pays to get into good habits early on.

Perhaps not the most thrilling of nights in New Eden, but helped me to get to grips with running three accounts at once and learning (or re-learning) a few aspects of the game that had drifted from my mind over periods of inactivity. Hopefully with a few more of these ops the corp can build up a nice stack of minerals or ISK in preparation for whatever we decide to do once we’re properly on our feet in EVE again.

Safe travels!


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Arrhidaeus said...

Whoa, Drone Interfacing V already? I hope this character has more than your other's 8m SP, because that's kind of a long skill to get so early (in my humble opinion). Granted, if you can knock it out, it's not like the extra DPS will kill you, but personally I left a lot of my skills at Level IV until I was more rounded out.

Oh, and welcome to the blogging community!

8 March 2010 at 05:50
Maurice McPhee said...

Thanks for the comment, Arrhidaeus! And yes, Drone Interfacing V was a pretty long haul. The character is a pure drone DPS mission-runner and has been since birth, so that skill seemed the next logical step to up my DPS.

I'm rounding him out a little more now that I can do level 4s fairly easily, and that extra 20% drone damage is a blessing! It helps that I set it to train while I was having some serious connection issues and couldn't always get on EVE. The skill actually finished the day I got my net back - perfect timing!

10 March 2010 at 21:57

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