Some changes

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Well, it's been a busy week in and out of game for me.

Out of game I've had a few things going on and haven't really had too much time to log in, but when I have been around I've mainly been working on getting myself set up with a new corporation. When I started the blog a few weeks back I was in a small 2-man corporation made up of me and a friend of mine. We were enjoying pottering around in a quiet corner of Gallente space for a while, but I was struggling without having anything real to work towards.

So I made the decision to move to a new corporation. I'll follow up with another post concerning details and such when I'm a little more settled in the new place, but it certainly feels a little more active. It's still a small group, which I like, but I think there'll be more room to grow and hopefully achieve some more goals.

Anyway, just a very short update. Hopefully there'll be more to come when I have more time in game and start joining in with some corporation activities.

Until then, fly safe.


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