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Friday, 9 April 2010

Well my last post was a little sparse in terms of the above mentioned and often appreciated detail, so hopefully this one will tip the scales back in the favour of you information lovers out there!

So, last time I mentioned that I’d made the move to a new corporation. But, in the interest of detail, let me tell you a little about my old corporation, which I was rather fond of. The short-lived Jucucu-Wix Inc. [JUCU] was home to myself and a good friend of mine, and served as our own little haven away from the hustle and bustle of the larger corporations. We ran some missions, we mined some ore and we had a good laugh. It was all fun, but a two-man corporation can become a little lonely, especially when one of you is out-of-game for a while or has other commitments. And this seemed to be the case for us. I was struggling to find the motivation to do things. I’m very much a team player, and I was seriously lacking a team.

In one of my regular ‘argh, there are 250 unread posts in Google Reader that I need to get through’ moments, I stumbled across this post over at Carebear in disguise. Intrigued, I resolved to get in touch in-game and see if we had similar goals. A few short chats later and the TransMiners [TM-50] corporation ticker was proudly displayed next to my jet cans as I filled them with ore. The corp is just what I’ve been looking for, really - small enough to retain that sense of community and team work, but with enough direction to give me a goal to work towards and give me a reason to log in.

Of course, I’m still settling in and finding my feet in my new surroundings, and my own play time has taken a hit recently with some awkward happenings outside of New Eden, but I do think I’m going to like it here. If you think you might be interested, I'd encourage you to read the post I linked to above, and get in touch to have a chat!

On a sentimental note, the [JUCU] banner still flies (albeit limply), with my friend choosing to remain in the corporation for now. And I have a rarely-used alt taking up residence there too, that’s when he’s not sitting in an Atron in-system with Maurice making sure that all of Mr. McPhee’s leadership and yield-boosting skills are being utilised to the full.

That's enough detail for now - I hope any of you who are reading this out there have been pleased with my attempt – hopefully you’ll see lots of interesting posts (packed with detail, naturally) from my new home in TransMiners now that I’m fully functional in EVE again.

Until then, fly safe!


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