Two and a half years is nothing when you're immortal

Sunday, 28 October 2012

So, almost two and a half years have rolled on by since my last post here - it seems like an eternity, but when you consider it in the scope of the entire universe it's actually a really short period of time. So the universe would probably consider this blog to be quite frequently updated. That's if the universe ever thinks about this blog, which I dare say it doesn't... I imagine it's probably got more important things to think about.

Not a lot has happened for me in New Eden in the last two years - mainly because I haven't really been there. Ships have been collecting dust in hangars, asteroids have gone un-mined and NPC pirates have been floating around in deadspace pockets shrugging their shoulders at the fact that nobody has come to blow them up yet.

Still, I've made a return. I'd like to say a triumphant return, but it's probably the other way round... I think it's more that the call of New Eden eventually wore me down and I gave in. So you can consider this as me crawling back on hands and knees, beaten and bedraggled from my time away, begging for you to take me back.

It's been interesting to get back into the swing of things though - a lot has changed in the game with updates and various things, but I won't go into detail as I'm sure I'm one of the least knowledgable people on that subject right now. My old corp, Transminers, has bitten the dust, though that was the case anyway when I went inactive. But, I've got myself a new little group and it's a nice atmosphere, and that's what I'm after, really. More detail about that in another post, probably.

I've whittled my number of accounts down too - I'm only using Maurice McPhee now, and trying to round him out as a character so he's not just about mining and industry - one (or both) of the others might make a return in future, who knows?

So, there we are, an update after such a long time. I'm still not sure what the hell I'm going to focus on in this strange and (for the moment) unfamiliar universe, so that's mostly what I'll be rambling on about.

Fly safe, or however you like, really.