Monday, 19 November 2012

Well that rabbit hole was pretty interesting. After my mini adventure (which I'm sure is just a normal day for most wormhole dwellers or even EVE players in general) things got pretty quiet in the hole. I was a bit stuck really - Maurice isn't very well-rounded in terms of skills at the moment, with most of his 12m skill points in industry or mission-running combat skills. This meant no scanning skills and very few 'exciting' ship skills. Couple that with the fact that I arrived at the wormhole in an Ibis and you've got a bit of a limited scope of activities.

I decided to head back to empire space and come back to wormholes in the future a bit more prepared. The trouble being that we didn't have a good exit for a few days and my inability to scan anything down led to a weekend of floating around at the POS. Thankfully on Saturday night we found a way out into low-sec which I grabbed with both hands and made the 27 jumps back home.

I do feel a bit like I've emerged back to the surface after being underground for a few days, my eyes desperately straining to readjust to the bright lights. I mean, the light is pretty much the same, but hopefully you get the idea.

The corp is moving to Caldari space from Sinq Laison, so I'm mostly just preparing for that - pulling all my assets together and getting rid of anything I don't absolutely need - more than one 19 jump trip in an Orca wouldn't be particularly welcome! I'm looking forward to the move though - the corp is growing and I'm hoping our new home will allow us to do more things together - I'm hoping to be able to contribute as much as I can too, so we'll see how things turn out.

Hopefully I'll get the move completed tonight and can start settling in... again!

Fly safe, and really, listen to people when they tell you not to go into wormholes without scanning skills!


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