Monday, 5 November 2012

At this point I'm still settling back into life in EVE after being away for quite some time. I've actually been away from gaming, specifically online gaming, for a little while too, so everything feels a bit strange. Currently I have that familiar feeling that I've had many a time before with EVE which is... what the hell do I do now?!

So I've joined myself a little mining and industry corp with Maurice, and it seems like a nice place to get used to things and get back on my feet. There's a bit of a time zone difference at the moment, but the corp seems to be growing so I think that will improve as time goes on.

Essentially I've just been doing some standard carebear stuff in high sec since coming back, so nothing particularly exciting for anyone who happens to be reading this. Eventually I'd like to do something a little more interesting rather than just selling my minerals, so I'll be doing some reading on research, invention, manufacturing and the like to see if I can make a start somewhere there. I may also give my new CEO a nudge to get some advice.

Right now Maurice is locked away in his quarters reading about Caldari Battleships and how the hell you're supposed to fly them. I figured it'd be useful if I wanted him to move to more challenging missions in the future. He pretty much exhausted most of what I wanted him to learn about mining a long time ago, so I thought a bit of combat training wouldn't go amiss.

So yes, just a brief update on where I'm at. I'm hoping the updates will become more frequent and varied once I start exploring the various things that New Eden has to offer in a little more detail.

Fly safe!


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